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Aah, for the lotus-eater life
Sloth-guilty, frown-free,
Head empty of whispered commands
An endless day ahead, maybe more.

Solitude, gathering thoughts
Forming a life of its own
On paper, fresh heavenly paper

Milky sweet tea, a rain-festered pane
The herb-aroma-ed kitchen beckoning,
The reds and the greens and the purple
Waiting for creation.

Aah, what would it take
To just be.
I am Charlotte Simmons
By Tom Wolfe

Wolfe is pushing 75. And he then goes and writes a book about college life at an Ivy League college in America. To write this typical journalistic novel, Wolfe apparently lived in a campus for a while to study life there. I guess I am Charlotte Simmons is what results when an old man observes and writes about young people and their lives – an account of a generation in pursuit of things that a man who has lived through WWII will deem superficial and inconsequential. Charlotte Simmons is a brilliant high school graduate from a really small town Sparta, in the back of beyond. She is the only one from her town who has ever been admitted to Dupont, a prestigious Ivy League college (apparently modeled after Duke). She comes to college armed with nothing more than a suitcase of unfashionable clothes and her mind. And in Dupont, she confronts a world completely different from anything she has ever known. She arrives wanting to live ‘the life of the mind’. Sh…