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SnapshotsA week-long trip to north-eastern India yielded rich photographic dividends. There were animals in the wild, snow on the mountains, miles of tea gardens, interesting local faces… We went a bit trigger-happy with our cameras and here are some of the results.
We went looking for the one-horned rhino in Kaziranga and found enough to satiate. They looked like armoured tanks but seemed pretty tame and timid to us from the lofty heights of an elephant-back. There were supposed to be 1855 of them in 2006, but we heard 10 of them were poached in the past 6 months. Greed does strange things to people.
We also found deer that went by strange names, a family of very shy wild elephants, wild boar, tortoises that I would have missed had someone not pointed them out to me and various birds whose names have vanished from my memory. All taken in over a long leisurely tramp (the elephant tramped, we clung on) over wild grass to the background music of elephants chomping away, birds twittering a…