Lazy Poetry II

Slumber awaits
A window turning orange
It is tardy


Noisy shiny night
A thousand dreams flutter
And die in sleep


Mind says silly
Heart begs to disagree
The war goes on


Sun beckons flower
She responds hoping fruition
But withers when he sets


Close ones turn blurry
The world turns upside down
And unreal clarifies


UL said…
Haiku... this is really neat. Been giving it a go myself recently, thanks for sharing.
small talk said…
thanks ul. i would hesitate to call it haiku - there are very specific rules for that form ( 5-7-5 syllables for example). and mine don't exactly follow those. that's why i call it lazy - i don't bother to craft it that precise.
UL said…
Sure traditional haiku does, but not the modern versions I have seen of it - which kind of reduces it to three lines and brings up beautiful imagery with it. I have never made the 5-7-5 standard either....but hey who says art needs to be precise. Lazy fits. Thanks for sharing anyway.
vineeta said…
Love these. My favourites are 'Noisy Shiny...' and 'Close ones...' Beautiful.

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