Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The nature of ambition

The surety that you can do it. The faith that no one can do it better. Never ever being satisfied. Never being ashamed to fail. A willingness to learn. Cussedness. Discontentment. Seeking, seeking, seeking. The lack of a finish line. The belief that there is more to life than what is. Zeal. Fearlessness. Boldness, not necessarily loudness.The pursuit of everlasting.

Ambition is a good word.


UL said...

if the negatives doesn't overtake, if the expectations doesn't chain, if the pride doesn't become downfall
then ambition is a good word...

To me there are too many if's to be weary and cautious. But caution is good when combined with ambition....keeps one balanced. Now 'balanced' is a good word :)

small talk said...

This is actually a wish list for myself - have too little of it and so I celebrate it. :)