The nature of ambition

The surety that you can do it. The faith that no one can do it better. Never ever being satisfied. Never being ashamed to fail. A willingness to learn. Cussedness. Discontentment. Seeking, seeking, seeking. The lack of a finish line. The belief that there is more to life than what is. Zeal. Fearlessness. Boldness, not necessarily loudness.The pursuit of everlasting.

Ambition is a good word.


UL said…
if the negatives doesn't overtake, if the expectations doesn't chain, if the pride doesn't become downfall
then ambition is a good word...

To me there are too many if's to be weary and cautious. But caution is good when combined with ambition....keeps one balanced. Now 'balanced' is a good word :)
small talk said…
This is actually a wish list for myself - have too little of it and so I celebrate it. :)

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