The report card

23 blog posts, a couple of them decent. A job upgrade that wasn't really one. A freshly painted house. A new blog of experiments that quickly became defunct. Tiger sighting in Ranthambore. A disappointing I-phone. Being a tourist in Delhi. Showing my mom the Taj. Self-doubt like never before. Friends as back up. Prague. A grandmom's 90th birthday. Amsterdam. And not a single point in the bucket list that has been ticked off. Been that kind of a year.


UL said…
Hey do I sense dissatisfaction?small talk - Chechi - if I may, you might want to change that attitude of yours, count the blessings instead of focusing on that bucket list, you can always start working on your list today, right now, right this moment -but if you are putting it off then you probably dont want it enough to make the effort, if that's the case then it is not worth checking off, chuck it. My two cents. I think your report card shines just felt that you didnt seem too happy about it...
small talk said…
:) ha ha... yes i understand what you are saying completely!

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