A clear fertile abundant mind
Serendipitous answers to questions deep

Journeys physical and even more, metaphysical
In solitude sometimes and with company often

New words, newer ideas, startling and bold
Eschewing staleness, sameness, hardness

Courage to cross taboo-ed boundaries
And fortitude to stay the course

Randomness and haphazard moments
With little desire for the method behind the lunacy

A disappearance of inevitability
And discovery of wondrous escape hatches

Most of all, zest and spunk
And a generosity of spirit unrestrained


UL said…
'Courage to cross taboo-ed boundaries'...oh yes! Here's hoping all your wishes would come true. Beautifully laid out :) Thanks, more please.
small talk said…
yeah...a bit bold, i know. but boldness is a wish! thanks.
Laksh said…
Very nice!!

BTW I've tagged you.
vineeta said…
It makes a beautiful prayer :) The kind you and I would be comfortable with. It intstantly brings to mind Pablo Neruda's 'Slowly dies he who does not travel...'
small talk said…
Thanks Vini. Am flattered - that poem by Neruda is one of my personal favourites!

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